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Quickly and efficiently complete calls with TransNexus LRN Dip Service. Get unlimited dips and a daily LRN download for $300 per month.*

Service Providers Need a LRN Dip Service

Local Number Portability (LNP), ordered by the FCC under the Telecommunications Act of 1996, enables consumers to keep their telephone numbers when changing service providers. By default, the first six digits of a telephone number indicate the rate area associated with the telephone number. The term local in Local Number Portability refers to this rate area. The rate area can’t change when the number is ported from one service provider to another. LNP isn’t possible, however, without the Location Routing Number (LRN) that is assigned when a consumer decides to port a telephone number.

Location Number Portability relies on the LRN, the ten-digit number that looks like a telephone number. A LRN is assigned to a ported telephone number and is used to properly route the call by acting as a network address. Service providers must use the LRN to properly route all ported calls. If there were no dip service, nearly 50% of all calls could not be completed correctly.

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Why TransNexus for LRN Dips

Other dip services have complicated pricing that can easily change based on your volume. With TransNexus, you get unlimited dips and a daily LRN download, so you can correctly route every call, every time. And should you decide it's time for least cost routing or SIP Analytics® fraud detection, it will only take a call to TransNexus to add those features for your organization.

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Interested in a LRN query service, but want a little more information about number portability and location routing numbers? Read the TransNexus whitepaper How to Get a Location Routing Number for more information on the process.

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