Complete Call History Analysis

CDRAnalyzer is the simple, high performing solution for locating and archiving Call Detail Records. When management drops by and asks who dialed 911 in May or how many calls exceeded 30 minutes, can you quickly find the answer? If not, it's time for CDRAnalyzer!

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CDRAnalyzer Product Features

CDRAnalyzer Export

This feature allows users to select, view, and download individual or groups of CDRs based on any combination of multiple CDR data fields, including:

  • Time
  • Source
  • Destination
  • Status
  • Quality of Service
  • Other ad hoc queries

CDRAnalyzer Charts

CDRAnalyzer provides detailed charts based on archived information from Call Detail Records (CDRs). Create charts mapping any time period to show:

  • Call attempts
  • Completed calls
  • Call duration
  • Average call duration
  • CDR information by source, destination realm, IP address
  • Calling or called party user group or number

CDRAnalyzer Reports

CDRAnalyzer displays traffic summary reports that may be downloaded as PDFs or CSVs. The traffic summaries may be shown by source, by destination, by day, or by breakout. These reports can be further parsed to monthly, weekly, or ad hoc reports.