VoIP Peeringhouse

Software Platform Creates New Profits for Carrier Neutral Facilities Providers

If you are a successful carrier neutral facilities provider, your carrier customers trust you with one of their most important assets – their network. They trust you because you help lower their costs and make them more competitive. And they trust you as a fair and efficient provider of physical interconnect facilities with other carriers.

Now you can earn new profits as a trusted third party for interconnect facilities by providing interconnect clearing and billing as a value added service for your customers. By outsourcing the administration of interconnect clearing and billing, your customers will reduce their expenses. You will earn additional profits and greater customer loyalty as you provide higher value services to your customers.

The NexOSS platform provides all the features you need to provide secure VoIP interconnect clearing and billing services.

  • Certificate authority and X.509 certificates ensure non-repudiation of all cleared transactions
  • Simple, easy to use route provisioning
  • High volume routing engine
  • Secure call detail record collection and reconciliation
  • Online traffic analysis and reports
  • Multi-currency settlement billing
  • Manage bilateral contracts or multi-lateral auction