Quality of Service

Get the Complete View of Your Customers’ Experience

VoIP quality can be dramatically affected by packet loss, delay, and jitter. This makes it important to have a monitoring system in place to catch issues before they become problems for your customers.

The Challenges

Quality of Service (QoS) can be a major issue for your customers. How do you guarantee that packet traffic for a voice connection will not be delayed or dropped due interference from other lower priority traffic? For the end user, large delays are burdensome and can cause bad echos. Jitter causes strange sound effects, and packet loss causes interruptions. Most QoS solutions available today are expensive and require you to add probes to your network.

The Solution

Solutions from TransNexus offer complete call detail record (CDR) reporting and analysis. Designed to be simple and efficient, these solutions are easy to install and provide 65 comprehensive and easy to understand color coded Quality of Service (QoS) reports. SDReporter’s near real-time reporting gives you the reports and alarms to detect quality of service problems before your customers do. Within minutes, CDRs can be incorporated into reports, and email and SNMP Alarms provide an immediate alert when problems occur. Alarm triggers can be set for any of the call completion or quality of service statistics.