TransNexus Products for BroadSoft

TransNexus offers a variety of solutions that are compatible with BroadSoft based networks and include features such as fraud detection, least cost routing, Call Detail Record (CDR) reporting and analysis, credit control, and profitability reports. TransNexus has been a member of the BroadSoft Xtended program since 2012.


NexOSS-FC with SIP Analytics™

Stop Fraud Before It Enters Your Network

Free Trial ButtonNexOSS-FC is an innovative, next-generation detection solution that uses SIP Analytics™ to detect and prevent fraud from entering your network. This solution functions with any SBC and can stop fraud attacks by source IP address, calling number, user agent, or blacklisted called number. 

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SDReporter with CDR Analytics and OCI-P Interface

Stops Fraud by BroadWorks GroupID and UserID

SDReporter is a complete fraud detection and Call Detail Record (CDR) reporting and analysis solution for BroadSoft based networks that is easy to install and helps prevent telecom fraud. The SDReporter solution was designed specifically to use the data your BroadWorks collects to create detailed reporting and alarms and fraud detection unlike anything else in the industry.

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NexOSS Intelligent Routing and Fraud Detection

Combines NexOSS-FC, SDReporter, Least Cost Routing, and Credit Controls

NexOSS is a comprehensive intelligent routing and fraud detection solution with an easy to use web interface for provisioning routes, rates, number translation rules, detecting fraud, and monitoring traffic analysis and billing reports. NexOSS was named the 2015 INTERNET Telephony Product of the Year for the second consecutive year. 

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