OSPrey-NP Data Sheet

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OSPrey-NP is a simple, low cost, high performance software platform for hosting the U.S. number portability database locally within your network. The OSPrey-NP server automatically stays synchronized with the U.S. Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC, www.npac.com) to ensure that your network has a near real time copy of the NPAC. The OSPrey platform has been used in carrier operations since 2000. OSPrey-NP is a specialized version of the OSPrey platform and is based on years of proven carrier grade reliability and performance.


How OSPrey-NP Works


Host Server Requirements:

Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Server V5 or CentOS V5.4 Ports required: 1 080, 1 081 , 1 082, 1 083, 1 1 01 , 1 1 02 and 5060 32 GB of RAM required to host all eight NPAC regions



Purchase financing and rental options are available. Free installation and a 30 day evaluation trial for qualified customers. OSPrey-NP does not include a subscription to the NPAC number portability database. A subscription to the NPAC database must be purchased separately from third party vendors.