NexOSS-FC Data Sheet

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Free Trial ButtonNexOSS-FC is a telecom fraud management system that uses SIP Analytics to detect fraudulent calling trends before calls are made. NexOSS-FC scores each SIP INVITE for fraud potential before it enters your network. SIP Analytics uses the same techniques as CDR analytics, such as historical analysis and adaptive learning. However, SIP Analytics is much faster and uses SIP header information, not available in CDRs, for smarter fraud detection with fewer false positives.


How It Works

NexOSS-FC can complement any Session Border Controller (SBC) or softswitch and can provide fraud detection for any SIP device. When a SIP call arrives at the SBC, the SBC forwards the call to NexOSS-FC. NexOSS-FC responds in less than a millisecond with instructions to route the call as normal, block the call, or divert the call.

NexOSS-FC Diagram (2)


  • Real-time fraud detection by source IP address, calling number and user agent
  • Automatic blocking or call diversion
  • Blacklist of over 50,000 high risk number ranges
  • A single NexOSS-FC provides fraud detection for multiple SBC’s from any vendor


  • Peace of mind – eliminates the risk of a major fraud loss
  • For service providers, fraud detection and insurance for customers is a value added feature which can be sold for additional revenue
  • Savings from stopping one fraud event will pay for the software

Host Server Specifications

  • 64-bit Redhat Enterprise Server V6, CentOS V6, or VMware Esxi V5
  • Eight CPU cores
  • 8-32 GB of RAM depending on calls per second


About TransNexus

TransNexus-DiamondLogo-12_12_2014TransNexus is a software development company specializing in applications for managing wholesale VoIP networks. TransNexus provides its Operations and Billing Support System (OSS/BSS) software platform to major VoIP carriers worldwide. Important carrier features offered by TransNexus are least cost routing, number portability, fraud detection, profitability analysis and QoS controls.