Traffic Pumping Fraud and Theft of Service

NexOSS-FC Logo-12182014Each year, billions of dollars are lost to telephone traffic pumping fraud. The fraud targets are business telephone systems. Hackers break into poorly secured business telephone systems and generate thousands of expensive international calls in just a few hours. The fraud losses can quickly exceed $100,000. Every telephone and user account is a potential intrusion path for phone hackers and achieving 100% security is impossible. Active monitoring of telephone calls is the only certain protection for preventing huge fraud losses for business and service providers.


For decades, telecom fraud management systems and fraud detection solutions have relied on analysis of Call Detail Records (CDRs) to detect fraud. CDR analytics work well, but fraudulent calls must be completed and CDRs must be collected before fraud can be detected. This is a major weakness. Fraudsters can make hundreds of long calls and tens of thousands of dollars can be lost before the first CDR is collected. TransNexus has developed a new telecom fraud management system that solves this problem. 


SIP Analytics™

NexOSS-FC uses SIP Analytics™ to detect fraudulent calling trends before calls are made. NexOSS-FC scores each SIP Invite for fraud potential before it enters your network. SIP Analytics™ uses the same techniques as CDR analytics, such as historical analysis and adaptive learning. However, SIP Analytics™ is much faster and uses SIP header information, not available in CDRs, for smarter fraud detection with fewer false positives.


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Jim Dalton, Founder of TransNexus, gives an overview of the new fraud prevention and detection solution, NexOSS-FC, at ITEXPO Miami 2015. Watch this brief 60-second video clip to learn more.


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