Bicom Systems PBXware integration framework

TransNexus software products are tightly coupled with Bicom Systems PBXware. Customers, phone numbers and providers are all displayed in the user interface. Custom policies can be configured at any level.  


TransNexus software products are offered hosted in the cloud as ClearIP and on-premises with NexOSS. These products integrate with Bicom Systems PBXware using standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) messages. These messages are exchanged as the call is set up.

TransNexus-Bicom SIP integration

TransNexus-Bicom SIP integration


TransNexus software retains call activity that enable deep analytical insights. Reports, charts, and maps can be generated and exported with custom grouping and filters over any time period. Analytics can by sliced-and-diced by customers, phone numbers and providers.

TransNexus software analytics provide deep insights

TransNexus software analytics provide deep insights

Telecom fraud prevention

TransNexus software uses SIP Analytics to learn typical call patterns and perform dynamic fraud analysis before call setup. When a fraud attack is detected, actions can include:

  • Automatic blocking
  • Email and text message alerts
  • HTTP POST for custom integration.

Blocking affects only those calls from specific victim(s), whether a customer or phone, to the attack destinations while normal calls continue.

Flexible blacklisting/whitelisting can be performed by IP, calling/called number, calling/called country, and user agent for calls. Blacklisting/whitelisting can be customized by customers, phone numbers and providers.

Robocall prevention

TransNexus software prevents unwanted robocalls using a variety of methods based upon caller reputation, number validation and traffic volumes. Suspected robocalls or calls with invalid caller IDs can be blocked, diverted to voicemail, or diverted to a CAPTCHA device, which prompts for human interaction. This service can be enabled per phone and offered as an add-on service to subscribers.

Least cost routing

TransNexus software provides static and jurisdictional least cost routing. Rate plans can easily be provisioned in advance of the effective date using native formats. Custom routing can be configured by customers and phone number.


TransNexus software provides comprehensive STIR/SHAKEN certificate management, authentication, and verification. Granular policy controls enable the attestation and call handling results you want.


TransNexus software provides CNAM caller ID name information. This service can be enabled per provider and phone, should you wish to offer this as an add-on service to subscribers.

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