IRS scam mastermind arrested in Dubai

Last October, officials in India raided call centers and arrested 70 people responsible for IRS scam robocalls targeting US citizens. The scheme successfully netted over $300 million from unwitting Americans. Unfortunately, during the same evening of the raid, the mastermind of the illegal scheme, Sagar Thakkar (aka Shaggy), fled India for Dubai.

Sadly, most of us in the US are familiar with the IRS scam. Your phone rings and the person on the other line demands you pay the “IRS” immediately or you will face arrest. Of course, the call isn’t from the IRS, but many Americans have fallen victim to the scam, not realizing that the IRS will never call you demanding payment.

In March, Indian officials were notified by officials in the UAE that Thakkar was detained at the Dubai airport, attempting to fly out of the UAE. India is waiting on the proper paperwork to arrest him but, in the meantime, he won’t be able to leave the UAE before being put into Indian custody. Both Indian officials and the FBI are anxious to arrest the mastermind of this scam . A spokesperson for the Indian police said “Thakkar’s interrogation will give us information on how the racket operated since he was one of the main people who set it up. There are many unanswered questions about the scam, from how Thakkar got the contacts of US citizens targeted by callers to the identities of others involved.”

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