FCC Commissioner O’Rielly pushes to reform the TCPA

The TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) was passed in 1991 to help protect consumers from telemarketers who gave their peers a bad name. O’Rielly, the Republican commissioner on the FCC, has recently announced that he’d like to reform the existing TCPA regulation, pushing for “clear and rational” reforms.

He noted that “it is increasingly common to hear all automated calls lumped together and branded as harmful or a nuisance. I know from personal experience that is not the case, and the Commission too has recognized this by carving out particular types of automated calls or texts for special treatment.” O’Rielly’s argument is that the commission should focus on actual bad actors instead of everyone in the telemarketing industry.

He noted that there is sure to be backlash around loosening of the TCPA and gave legitimate companies and their lobbyists to get together and demonstrate how they’re pro-consumer and how their calls are a benefit, not an annoyance, to consumers.

This is an interesting development in an agency that has already taken on quite a lot of work since late January. More to come!