Shah Communications chooses TransNexus

With the help of TransNexus, Shah Communications has recently implemented a fast wholesale class 4 routing and reporting platform.

Shah Communications was facing problems with quality of service on their network. They had no easy way of dropping routes based on poor performance, and were wasting time trouble shooting customer complaints. Running reports on the network to understand what was going on was a time consuming and frustrating task. Entering a query put a heavy load on the database, and often brought the entire system down. Shah needed a faster wholesale class 4 routing and reporting platform.

While at a trade show, Shah learned about TransNexus’s Routing, Operations, and Billing Support System (ROBSS), which consists of the OSPrey routing server and NexOSS software. The system gives Shah complete comprehensive least cost routing features with quality of service routing controls.

The NexOSS solution provides a centralized, highly scalable routing platform, with efficient, easy-to-use traffic and quality of service reporting. Unlike Shah’s legacy system, NexOSS constantly updates reports as it monitors CDRs in real time.

Over sixty drill down reports are available instantly providing fast, easy access to detailed information about network traffic and route quality. NexOSS monitors call signaling performance and call quality from reported R-Factor, MOS, Jitter, Average Packet Loss, and Delay statistics.

In addition, when call quality falls below a determined threshold, NexOSS sends Email and SNMP alarms, and suspends the offending route from the routing table, ensuring that Shah knows about problems as soon as they occur, and that no network issues interfere with customer service levels.

Since installing the TransNexus ROBSS, Shah Communications has saved time and money. “Instead of wasting time troubleshooting, our TransNexus solution sends us near-real time alerts, so we know what’s happening with providers,” said Kamal Shah, CEO of Shah Communications. “I can see all my stats right on the fly. When a customer calls with an issue, we already know and are working on it. We never had this kind of insight with our previous switches. In addition, the TransNexus solution is reasonably priced.” OSPrey, compliments Shah Communications’ OpenSIPS platform. Together, this system is capable of taking the place of a legacy VoIP switch.

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