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Free Trial ButtonLeast Cost Routing, or LCR, is a simple practice that finds the most inexpensive way to route phone calls. It is the process of analyzing, selecting and directing the path of outbound and inbound communications traffic, depending on which path delivers the best rates. 


TransNexus has developed an industry-leading and innovative least cost routing solution that is compatible with Audio Codes, Broadworks, Cisco Call Manager, Metaswitch CFS and Perimeta, Oracle Acme Packet, Sansay, Sonus and Taqua platforms. It has also been the recipient of the INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award for two consecutive years.



NexOSS Logo-12182014NexOSS saves VoIP service providers time and money with intelligent routing solutions and offers complete Call Detail Record (CDR) reporting and analysis. The NexOSS VoIP Routing, Operations, and Billing Support System is a suite of integrated back office applications which complement the operation of OSPrey Route Servers. NexOSS provides VoIP operators with an easy to use web interface for provisioning routes, rates, number translation rules and monitoring traffic analysis and billing reports. The TransNexus NexOSS solution also provides fraud detection. Learn More


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