Telecom Fraud Risk Management

Are You At Risk for Telecom Fraud?

Telecom Fraud Caption BubblesYou may think that your network is secure, but the fact is that any network that interconnects with VoIP is vulnerable to telecom fraud. If one of your subscribers experiences a fraud attack, it is you, the service provider who will be left to pay the bill.


Experts agree that most telecom service providers are losing 3 to 10 percent of their income to telecom fraud, and the numbers are growing every year.

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How Can You Manage Fraud Risk?

Because you can’t tell which of your subscribers is likely to experience a fraud attack, the best SDReporter Free Trial Bubbleway to manage fraud risk is to detect and stop it with real time analytics. SDReporter from TransNexus is a simple and efficient tool designed to detect the most popular forms of telecom fraud – traffic pumping and wholesale theft of service.


When SDReporter senses suspicious traffic, it sends real time Email and SNMP alarms, and can divert or block the fraudulent calls. With SDReporter you can stop fraud attacks before they affect your customer relationships. Request SDReporter Button


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Fraud Risk Caption BubbleSDReporter is available as a free evaluation with complementary installation services and 30 days technical support. Request your free trial.


Learn more about Telecom Fraud and how you can manage your fraud risk with the TransNexus Telecom Fraud Resource Kit. This free kit includes white papers, check lists, and more. Access the Telecom Fraud Resource Kit