Shield Icon Image Transparent BlueShieldSM is a valuable and comprehensive blacklist that provides an extra layer of security for networks that prevents telecom fraud and keeps fraudsters at bay. ShieldSM is the latest product incorporated into TransNexus industry-leading NexOSS, NexOSS-FC, and SDReporter solutions.


The Challenge

Revenue sharing fraud using premium rate numbers is a prominent and deceptive practice being used for fraud today. Premium rate numbers have been used for legitimate business services for years, but now, an entire ecosystem has developed that makes traffic pumping fraud to premium rate numbers a simple and easy endeavor for anyone. Fraudsters can collect tens of thousands of dollars through the use of premium rate numbers. As a result, businesses are looking for a preventive measure to protect their network and ShieldSM is the solution. 

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The Solution

Free Trial ButtonShieldSM contains a pre-loaded blacklist developed from a combination of premium rate number providers, known international premium rate number ranges, and industry sources. This product offers several default and customizable features to provide an additional layer of security that will further mitigate fraud risk in a network and prevent fraud attacks. The merge with other innovative TransNexus solutions allows calls being made to premium rate numbers to be automatically blocked or re-routed.



  • 130 Premium Rate Number Providers
  • Over 50,000 known international premium rate number ranges covering millions of numbers
  • High risk ranges reported by industry sources
  • Updated weekly
  • Enhance ShieldSM database with custom blacklist and whitelist
  • Integrated with TransNexus solutions:
    • NexOSS-FC – Real-Time Fraud Prevention & Detection
    • NexOSS – Award-Winning Least Cost Routing & Fraud Detection
    • SDReporter – Fraud Detection & Call Detail Record Reporting


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