How SDReporter Works

Free Trial ButtonSDReporter works by simply collecting the Call Detail Records (CDRs) from your Session Border Controller (SBC) or softswitch.  It then uses that information to create detailed reports for call completion and Quality of Service (QoS) analysis and fraud detection and alarms.

SDReporter Diagram

Call Completion Reporting

SDReporter’s Call Completion Reports provide an end to end view of signaling performance.  The reports present signaling performance statistics that are crucial to monitoring your call routing to ensure profitability.  SDReporter’s Call Completion reports include statistics surrounding:


  • Call Success Ratio
  • Answer Seizure Ratio
  • Average call duration
  • Post Dial Delay


Quality of Service Reporting

Color coded Quality of Service reports provide the full view of the service quality experienced by your customers.  With these reports, you will be able to gain a deep understanding of your customer’s experiences and catch QoS issues before your customers call to complain.  SDReporter’s deep level of reporting means that you can drill down in every report to see  in-depth detail about the source realm and device, destination realm and device, SBC, dial code, and time of day.  With SDReporter, you will see reports related to:


  • The percent of calls with Low QoS
  • R-Factor and MOS score
  • Jitter
  • Packet Loss
  • Packet Delay


Call Detail Records Reporting

SDReporter’s CDR Reports provide full access to view and download CDRs quickly and easily.  With SDReporter, CDRs for a 24 hour period can be downloaded By Source Realm or Destination Realm, or you may drill down through any report to view and download a select sample of CDRs.


What sets SDReporter apart from other QoS reporting software is its ability to simplify network troubleshooting by separating data into separate reports for each area where quality of service can be affected, allowing your network engineers to pinpoint the exact source of trouble on the network.  SD Reporter separates QoS Reports these four packet flow areas:


  • Source Network QoS
  • Destination Network QoS
  • Calling Party QoS
  • Called Party QoS


Near Real-Time Reports and Alarms

SDReporter’s Near Real Time Reporting gives you the reports and alarms to detect quality of service problems before your customers do.  Within minutes, CDRs can be incorporated into reports, and E-mail and SNMP Alarms provide an immediate alert when problems occur. Alarm triggers can be set for any of the call completion or quality of service statistics.


Acme Packet Integration

SDReporter is easy to use and easy to install.  Unlike other QoS solutions on the market, SDReporter does not require you to add probes to your network.  Rather, it seamlessly integrates with your Acme Packet SBC.   CDR files are simply pushed from your Acme Packet SBC to SDReporter will automatically be processed and written to reports. Installation takes less than ten minutes.


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