SDReporter Partitions Feature

The SDReporter Partitions feature is a hosted and dedicated telecom fraud management portal specifically created for a service provider’s customers. It is a great tool for service providers to implement that will help them manage their customers telecom activity. 

SDReporter Partitions

Just as SDReporter provides complete telecom fraud detection and call detail reporting to a service provider, the Partitions feature is a sub-set SDReporter system for each customer of the service provider. There are several benefits for a service provider to deploy the SDReporter Partitions feature in your network:


Customer Control Over Fraud Triggers: Service providers are often unaware of the volume and type of activity that their customers experience. Therefore, generic fraud triggers are not optimized to fit each of their customer’s needs. Through the SDReporter Partitions feature, each customer has the capability to set their own fraud triggers and parameters. This will allow customers with different levels of activity and needs to customize and differentiate their triggers.


Visibility Into Network Traffic: Customers receive detailed visibility into their own network traffic on their own accord by generating automated reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. They have fast access to find, view, and download call detail records (CDRs), can monitor call completion statistics, and view quality of service (QoS) performance. 


Economical: SDReporter Partitions is economical and mutually beneficial for both the service provider and their customers. Since Partitions is a sub-set structure, a service provider’s customer can evaluate their own performance and view, adjust, and download supporting information at any time. By monitoring their own performances, customers can improve areas of poor quality of service and set fraud triggers in the best interest of their network. By taking necessary steps to prevent a fraud attack, customers and service providers will save time refuting fraud claims and disputes in the long run.


Value-added Feature: As a service provider, is important to provide the best offering to attract potential customers and retain current customers. Partitions is a value-added feature that provides control and visibility for one of today’s biggest problems in the telecommunications industry: fraud. 


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