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Oracle Gold Partner LogoTransNexus offers a variety of solutions that are compatible with Oracle Acme Packet and include features such as fraud detection, least cost routing, Call Detail Record (CDR) reporting and analysis, credit control, and profitability reports. TransNexus is proud to be a Oracle Gold Partner.


NexOSS-FC with SIP Analytics®

Free Trial ButtonNexOSS-FC is a new fraud management system that complements Oracle Acme Packet Session Border Controllers (SBC) with a faster way to detect and stop telecom fraud. There is no waiting on CDRs and detecting fraud after it occurs.  By using NexOSS-FC SIP Analytics®, operators can detect fraudulent calls before they are made.  The best-in-class SIP security features of Oracle Acme Packet SBCs, combined with NexOSS-FC SIP Analytics, enable operators to automatically block fraudulent toll calls at the ingress interface of their SBC, before they enter the operator’s network.


NexOSS-FC is simple to operate and optimized for integration with Oracle Acme Packet SBCs using a SIP or ENUM interface. 


SIP Interface

NexOSS-FC Oracle Acme Packet SIP Interface

  1. Inbound calls to the SBC are routed to the NexOSS-FC fraud server for real-time analysis of fraud risk.
  2. If no fraud risk is detected, NexOSS-FC returns a SIP 404 No Route Found message and the SBC uses its local routing to complete the call.  If fraud is detected, NexOSS-FC returns a SIP 603 Decline message and the SBC blocks the call.  Alternatively, NexOSS-FC can return a SIP 300 Redirect message that diverts the fraudulent call to a safe destination, such as a call recording platform.


ENUM Interface

NexOSS-FC supports Oracle Acme Packet’s proprietary ENUM implementation which includes the SIP URI of the calling party in the ENUM query.

NexOSS-FC Oracle Acme Packet ENUM Diagram

  1. SBC sends an ENUM Query with SIP URI of calling party to NexOSS-FC for real-time fraud risk analysis.
  2. If no fraud is detected, NexOSS-FC returns an ENUM response with no route and the SBC uses its local routing table to complete the call.  If fraud is detected, the ENUM response returns a destination that will safely block the call.

Comparison of SIP and ENUM Interfaces
Fraud Detection ComparisonFraud Detection Comparison 2


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SDReporter is a complete fraud detection and Call Detail Record (CDR) reporting and analysis solution for Oracle Acme Packet that is easy to install and helps prevent telecom fraud. The SDReporter solution was designed to create detailed reporting and alarms and fraud detection unlike anything else in the industry.

SDReporter Oracle Acme Packet Diagram 

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NexOSS is a complete suite of applications for managing SIP trunking services with an Oracle Acme Packet SBC.  Features include:

  • Dynamic Least Cost and Quality of Service Routing
  • Direct Inward Dial (DID) routing
  • Routing for direct peering among federated networks
  • Local hosting of the North American Number Portability database
  • Real-time fraud prevention using SIP and CDR Analytics
  • Call completion and quality of service reporting and monitoring
  • CDR mediation, rating and reports
  • Prepaid billing, credit controls and basic invoices

NexOSS Oracle Acme Packet Diagram

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ShieldSM Blacklist

Shield Icon Image Transparent BlueShieldSM contains a pre-loaded blacklist developed from a combination of premium rate number providers, known international premium rate number ranges, and industry sources. This product offers several default and customizable features to provide an additional layer of security that will further mitigate fraud risk in a network and prevent fraud attacks. The merge with other innovative TransNexus solutions allows calls being made to premium rate numbers to be automatically blocked or re-routed.


Learn more about the background and features of ShieldSM here.


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