High Performance SIP Redirect Server

The OSPrey server is a feature rich, high performance routing and CDR collection server for VoIP networks. The OSPrey server may be deployed as a external route server for multiple softswitches or session border controllers.  


OSPrey Features

  • Comprehensive routing features for VoIP devices and subnets
  • Jurisdictional routing: Inter-state, Intra-state, Local, Inter-LATA, Intra-LATA and international
  • Special routing for calls with invalid ANI or calling number
  • Trunk group routing and routing based on gateway or softswitch partitions
  • Time of day and day of week routing
  • Routing by percentage based load balancing
  • Routing based on calling number for intra-state routing or customized local calling areas
  • VoIP routing based on any combination of rank ordering and load balancing
  • Called and Calling number translation based on DNIS, ANI, time of day, day of week
  • Bar calls based on any combination of DNIS, ANI, or IP address of source or destination
  • Call gapping
  • Host Number Portability Database
  • Routing based on Local Routing Number (LRN) or dialed telephone number
  • Auditing module available
  • Real time CDR collection from source and destination networks
  • Automated call blocking based on credit status
  • Support for queries to external route servers based on OSP or ENUM
  • CALEA module for secret diversion of calls based on any combination of ANI, DNIS, source IP or destination IP address.
  • Support for Cisco GKTMP protocol.
  • Broad Platform Support: Cisco, Asterisk, OpenSER, SIP Express Router, Stratus, Veraz, and others.
  • The OSPrey sever can be combined with NexOSS which offers the additional features of Least Cost and Grade of Service routing, QoS reports and alerts, Traffic Analysis reports, CDR rating and hourly billing and profitability reports – by customer and route.

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