Simple, Efficient Management of VoIP Services

The NexOSS VoIP Routing, Operations, and Billing Support System is a suite of integrated back office applications which complement the operation of OSPrey Route Servers. NexOSS provides VoIP operators with an easy to use web interface for provisioning routes, rates, number translation rules and monitoring traffic analysis and billing reports. TransNexus offers a 90 day free trial of NexOSS to qualified customers. 

Intelligent Routing

NexOSS saves VoIP service providers time and money with intelligent routing solutions.  This includes no-loss Least Cost Routing that supports up to 100,000 translations, as well as routing by Quality of Service, time of day, day of week, and customer specific routing.  The latest edition of NexOSS now includes fraud detection routing, which automatically suspends suspicious routes from the routing table, saving potentially tens of thousands of dollars for service providers.


Comprehensive Reporting

NexOSS offers complete Call Detail Record (CDR) reporting and analysis. NexOSS is easy to install and provides 65 comprehensive and easy to understand color coded Quality of Service (QoS) reports.  NexOSS’s Near Real Time Reporting gives you the reports and alarms to detect quality of service problems before your customers do.  Within minutes, CDRs can be incorporated into reports, and E-mail and SNMP Alarms provide an immediate alert when problems occur. Alarm triggers can be set for any of the call completion or quality of service statistics.



Free 90 Day Free Trial

TransNexus offers a free 90 day evaluation trial of NexOSS, complete with technical support and remote training for all qualified customers. As part of the free evaluation offer, TransNexus staff will prepared a detailed Evaluation Trial project Plan which will define the server requirements and NexOSS solution design and acceptance test cases for your network. The Project Plan will also define the installation and training plan that a TransNexus engineer will follow to quickly lead your team into confident, production operation of NexOSS. Many customers the operational savings from NexOSS during the free 90 day evaluation trial is more than they pay for the NexOSS software


Large 12 IT-POTY




2014 TMC Internet Telephony Product of the Year


NexOSS Features

  • Route Provisioning

  • Number Translation

    • Based on any combination of Calling Number, Called Number, Source IP address, Destination IP address, Time of Day or Day and Day of Week.
  • Fraud Detection

    • Automatically detect spikes in calling records and send an alert to the routing server, temporarily blocking the fraudulent route
  • Traffic Analysis

    • Web based reports present detailed traffic analysis reports allow operators to drill down on the data to view traffic by customer, called number, source or destination IP address.
    • Quality of Service monitoring to generate alert emails when the Quality of Service for any VoIP device falls below preset thresholds.
    • Automatic updates to the routing table based on Quality of Service analysis.
  • Billing

    • Call Detail Record Mediation and Multi-currency Settlement Rating
    • Rate Provisioning
    • Automated Credit Controls allow of block calls based on a Customer’s credit balance
    • Hourly Profitability Reports
    • Invoice and Traffic Summaries

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