How NexOSS-FC Works

Free Trial ButtonNexOSS-FC is a telecom fraud management system that can complement any Session Border Controller (SBC) or softswitch. Since NexOSS-FC is entirely SIP based, it can provide fraud detection for any SIP device. When a SIP call arrives at the SBC, the SBC forwards the call to NexOSS-FC. NexOSS-FC responds in less than a millisecond with instructions to:


  1. Route the call as normal
  2. Block the call
  3. Divert the call

NexOSS-FC Diagram

NexOSS-FC is very easy to deploy. Packaged as a virtual machine, it can be installed within minutes to protect your network. An out-of-the-box installation with default settings will protect your network from a significant fraud event. As the software learns the traffic patterns of your users, fraud detection triggers will be automatically optimized for each source IP address and calling number for each hour of the week.


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