CDRAnalyzer Data Sheet

Call History Archiving, Reports, & Analysis


Has Senior Management ever asked a question about call history that you couldn’t find the answer to? Who dialed 911? What are our long distance costs? How many calls failed with error code 32? With CDRAnalyzer, you can answer any of these questions.


The TransNexus CDRAnalyzer software is a simple, high performance application for archiving and locating Call Detail Records (CDRs). CDRAnalyzer can also be used to create charts and reports based on information stored in CDRs. TransNexus offers a 30 day free trial of CDRAnalyzer to qualified customers.


CDRAnalyzer SDReporter Chart


CDR Export

CDRAnalyzer’s CDR Export features allow users to select, view, and download individual or groups of CDRs based on any combination of multiple CDR data fields, including time, source, destination, status, quality of service, and other ad hoc queries.


CDR Charts

CDRAnalyzer provides detailed charts based on archived information from Call Detail Records (CDRs). Users may create charts mapping any time period to show call attempts, completed calls, call duration, or average call duration. These charts may be further divided to show CDR information by Source or Destination Realm or IP Address, and Calling or Called Party User Group or Number.

CDRAnalyzer Call Attempts Chart

CDR Reports

CDRAnalyzer creates weekly and monthly reports for traffic statistics, billing, and billing analysis by customer, provider, breakout, and day. Ad hoc reports may also be created. All reports may be exported as either PDF or CSV files. The following are just a few examples of the reports available.



Host Server Requirements

  • OS: 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Server V6, or CentOS V6
  • Also available as a .ova or .ovf file for VMware Esxi Version 5
  • Ports required: 7080 and 22
  • Database: Oracle Standard Edition One 11g2 or MySQL.  Oracle is recommended if more than 100 million CDRs will be archived.
  • Guidelines for sizing hard disk space: 10 KB per call or 10 GB per 1 million calls
  • Minimum Recommended Host server: Intel Quad Core CPU, 32 GB RAM, two SATA drives, RAID 10

Free 30 Day Evaluation Trial

For qualified customers, TransNexus will provide its CDRAnalyzer for Linux operating system for a free 30 day evaluation trial complete with technical support and remote training. During the trial period TransNexus will install and configure the software application and will assist the customer to determine the optimal system design based on the customer’s network and forecast for production operations.