NexOSS V7 SIP Fraud Analytics

TransNexus SIP Analytics Accelerate Fraud Detection

TransNexus has announced NexOSS version 7.0 which complements any session border controller (SBC) with advanced fraud analytics at the ingress edge of SIP networks.  Traditional fraud control systems analyze Call Detail Records (CDRs) to detect fraudulent calling patterns.  CDR analysis works, but has the limitation that fraud cannot be detected until the first fraudulent calls have been completed and CDRs are analyzed.  In some cases, the fraudulent calls may last hours, allowing significant fraud to occur before being detected.  In contrast, NexOSS 7.0 works with any SBC to analyze inbound SIP Invite messages entering the network.  If fraud is detected, NexOSS 7.0 instructs the SBC to block or divert the call before it enters the network.


“The session border controller (SBC) is the first and most important security defense for any SIP network.  Telephone service providers know how to secure their SIP network with SBCs.  The fraud risk comes from their customers who get hacked,” says Jim Dalton, founder of TransNexus.  “In addition to the many security features of the SBC, NexOSS 7.0 adds fraud scoring and trend analysis of SIP Invites that automatically set fraud thresholds by customer, by source IP address and calling number.  If a customer’s traffic pattern or spend rate exceeds its threshold, NexOSS will instruct the SBC to either block or divert the call.”


Mark Averi, President of AveriStar ( adds, “Scores of service providers depend on AveriStar engineering services and advice.  We surveyed the market to find the best fraud solution for our customers.  We chose TransNexus because it is easy to use and it works.  NexOSS 7.0 is a great fraud solution for our customers because it is faster than CDR analytics, and they want automatic call blocking when fraud occurs.” 


According to Oscar Lazcano, President of ASLO Information Technologies (, “NexOSS 7.0 is the right product at the right time. Service providers come to us for risk management and information security solutions. Telecom fraud attacks are increasing and customers want to stop fraudulent calls before they enter their network.  NexOSS complements the security features of an SBC by adding analytics and advanced business logic at the ingress edge of the network.”


TransNexus has been providing software solutions for VoIP networks since 1997.  Its NexOSS routing solution for VoIP peering was first deployed in 2001.  Since that time, providers worldwide have used the NexOSS software for dynamic least cost and quality of service routing for outbound calls.  In 2011, fraud detection analytics were integrated with real time routing features to enable automatic blocking and diversion of fraudulent outbound calls.  NexOSS 7.0 extends those features to automatically block or divert inbound SIP calls before they enter the service provider’s network. 


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