Available Positions

TransNexus is currently seeking qualified Software Developers.  If you feel like you are a good match for this position, please apply online.


Job Description:

As a member of a small software development team, you will have full responsibility for a specific feature set.  Responsibilities will include collaboration with other engineers and the product manager to define software requirements, development of a software design to fulfill the requirements, development of test cases, develop the software code in C or Java and then test the software.



Two years of software development experience in Java and C.  Experience with Voice over IP or Encryption is a plus.


Company Overview:

TransNexus is a software development company specializing in software products for Voice over IP networks.  Our customers are service providers (telephone companies) and large businesses.  TransNexus offers a casual, entrepreneurial work environment.  At TransNexus, you will be part of a small professional team, not a foot soldier in an army of engineers.  You will be able to directly implement your ideas and initiatives that grow our business.


Products and Services:

Primary product is a software platform that enables dynamic least cost & quality of service routing, number portability, fraud detection, profitability analysis and billing for VoIP services.



TransNexus has been an innovator in Voice over IP applications and holds over 25 patents.


Future of TransNexus:

TransNexus will continue to grow as a highly specialized business.  The transition of telecom networks to Voice over IP is still early.  More importantly, this transition is leading the industry change to next generation applications, such as high definition voice and video telephony.  TransNexus technology is well positioned to benefit from the growth in next generation IP communication services.


Working Environment:

TransNexus is a small software development team.  Project tasks and responsibilities are clearly defined so each team member knows their job and is a direct contributor to TransNexus success.   TransNexus is a small entrepreneurial company that can respond quickly to market opportunities, not a bureaucracy.  Working from home or remotely is a standard practice for TransNexus employees.



New team members learn on the job with help from senior members of the team.  New members are given progressively more responsibility and tasks as their skills develop.


Working Hours and Vacation:

Work Hours: 40-50 hours per week

Vacation: three weeks paid vacation plus seven paid holidays.


Career Track and Advancement:

TransNexus offers software engineers the chance to participate in the complete business life cycle of a software product.  From idea to market delivery. 


Where Alumni Go:

Former Georgia Tech engineers who have worked at TransNexus have taken senior engineering positions at Microsoft and Amazon, another left to obtain an MBA degree at INSEAD in France.   Two have started their own businesses – www.waterscreek.com and www.ifood.tv.